Statement of Peace

Please agree to the following terms to continue with registration

I testify to the following:
  • I will only pursue peaceful solutions to the violence of abortion when volunteering with the campaign
  • I will show compassion and reflect Christ’s love to all abortion employees, volunteers, and customers
  • I understand that acting in a violent or harmful manner immediately and completely disassociates me from the campaign
  • I am in no way associated with Planned Parenthood, its affiliates or any abortion provider
While standing in the public right-of-way in front of any abortion facility:
  • I will not obstruct the driveways or sidewalk while standing in the public right of way
  • I will not litter on the public right-of-way
  • I will closely attend to any children I bring to the prayer vigil
  • I will not threaten, physically contact, or verbally abuse abortion employees, volunteers or customers
  • I will not damage private property
  • I will cooperate with local authorities